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Prophecy Newsletters

A Coming Deluge: Transporting the reader back to the Book of Genesis, this prophetic message reveals God's plan to restore everything the enemy stole in the beginning, item by item. When God destroyed the world by the Great Flood, the sign of His promise, the rainbow, stood as a prophetic signpost to what He reveals today: He will restore the world by flood, a coming deluge of His own Spirit. Delve into the exciting prophetic unveiling! Go to A Coming Deluge.

The Third Day: We stand poised at the dawn of The Third Day, the third century of Jesus, the Messiah. God reveals from Bible episodes of events that occurred on "the third day" what He plans to do on this prophetic Third Day. From the third day glory on Mt. Sinai and Joshua's third day entry to the Promised Land to the third day wedding at Cana, God has laid out a magnificent plan, till now hidden in the pages of Scripture. Read and discover His amazing promise! Go to The Third Day.

The Fall of Islam: Special Report

The Fall of Islam and Allah
(Note:  This is a brief overview of a full prophetic word that appears in its entirety elsewhere on this web site. For the full prophecy, go to Fall of Islam.htm)

 A great spiritual battle over Islam has begun. We will see this battle erupt into the natural sphere in the Arab world. The conflict promises a Muslim harvest for the church—if we pray. It also threatens dire consequences for Israel. Our fasting and prayer now is important for unleashing God’s power to save in the Islamic nations and an effective counter-attack against a violent “god” about to be deposed.

 That “god” is Allah, who first demanded worship as the ancient Babylonian god Marduk and then became Bel (or Baal), the false god which corrupted Old Testament Israel. Allah is unmasked in the full version of this prophetic word as Satan, who has always wanted a “holy nation” to worship him alone.

 The full prophecy explains how the name, Allah, constitutes identity theft from God. It pinpoints the role of Ishmael, exposes the counterfeit kingdom set up by Satan, and defines the battle between Babylon and Jerusalem, two archetypal cities.

Because of His mercy, the Lord Jesus is now appearing to Muslim clerics and leaders, young Muslim boys and girls—and they are falling head over heels in love with Him.

 God is ready to bring down Islam in a single day. Here is just one of many prophetic messages to be found in the full prophecy:

I am God. I will tolerate no other god. Islam has risen up before Me as a stench in My nostrils and an insolent taunt from Satan, that he has multiplied millions enthralled. Listen to Me as I speak: I will destroy his kingdom in a single day, a single hour. You will see it and rejoice, though the turmoil will be great. Know and understand then that this is coming.

A glorious restoration will follow the fall of Islam, a reuniting of the Arab world with Israel. Ishmael and Israel, brothers and sons of Abraham, will embrace in love. The world's worst terrorism problem will melt under the power of love. This great move of God will stun the nations and bring glory to the Lord. 

Go to Fall of Islam.htm (Full Text)

Prophecy Reports: Full-length, in-depth prophecies on subjects such as The Third Day and A Coming Deluge of God's glory will stir your heart and lift your hope. God is speaking to His servants the prophets that this is the morning of the third day (or, the third thousand years since Christ) and that He has hidden a pattern in the Bible which depicts the outpouring of The Third Day, when everything Satan ruined in Genesis will be restored. Just as He cleansed the earth in Noah's day with flood, He will cause the fountains of the deep to erupt once again - this time with His own Holy Spirit's glorious deluge.  


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